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Primary Years Education at KN Academy for children aged 6-10 nurtures and develops young students as caring, active participants in a lifelong journey of life. It promotes an enquiry-based approach, constructivist approach, project based learning and cooperative learning. Learners are taught through various range of activities promoting hands on learning and continuous improvement.

The primary year education offers an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding. Primary years education students use their initiative to take responsibility and ownership of their own learning. By learning through inquiry and cooperative and reflecting their own learning, students develop knowledge, conceptual, understanding, skills and attributes of the learner’s profile to make a difference in their own lives, their communities and beyond.

Our primary curriculum develops skills in 9 subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, Urdu, Literature, Library, Islamiat, Social Studies/ KUW, P.E.  It is a comprehensive thematic, and creative curriculum.

We are striving our level best to stimulate the capability of children to achieve a distinguish level of understanding. PYE learners know how to take ownership of their learning, collaborating with teachers to deepen understanding and increase their confidence and self-motivation. Through actively engaging in integrated ongoing assessment, they become effective, self-regulated learners who can act on constructive feedback.  As a part of primary years education, a range of clubs are functional that gives learners an opportunity to apply skills, make contribution to school life, and learn how to become a functioning member of society.


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