Early Years

Early Years

KN Academy Education, accredited as one of the best schools having unmatched infrastructure in Karachi, offering a fully equipped learning approach to children. We provide four years of Early Years Education starting from Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten-1 and Kindergarten-2.

Early Years Education

KN Academy induces Montessori philosophy and Early year’s pedagogy starting from Playgroup to Kindergarten-2. It is based upon on Montessori Education named after Dr. Maria Montessori. KN Academy believes that education should prepare a person for all aspects of life. Classrooms are designed with materials and techniques that help children to carry over naturally to reading, writing and Mathematics.

KN Academy Early Years program offers children opportunities to develop potential as they step out into the world as engaged, competent, responsible and respectful citizen with an understanding and appreciation that is learning for life.

Our Early Years practice is dynamic because each child is valued as unique having different learning capacity to develop order coordination, concentration and independence. Our Early Years Education supports children in choosing meaningful and challenging work that captures their interest, leading to engagement, intrinsic motivation, sustained attention and a sense of responsibility to oneself and others.

Exercises of Practical Life (EPL), sensory Motor skills and Gross-Motor skills and exploration of outdoor environment are major area of attention and integrated with our curriculum.  Creative Art and Crafts allow clear expressions and sense of achievement and allow them to take pride led to build confidence. The practitioners implement clear, principled approach and use effective assessment from the learner’s first days in a setting to the end of the Early Years.


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