About Us

KNEV (Khalil Nanitalwala Education Valley)

Khalil Nanitalwala Education Valley is an educational organization, aiming to provide quality education to make our visionary leader’s dream come true. The honorable Chairman Mr.Khalil Ahmed Nanitalwala, started his journey towards the cause of bringing up disciplined and intellectual children, by laying the foundation of KN Academy International Campus(Malir Cantt) in the year 2000. KN Academy offers quality education and boarding facilities to the children from diverse cultures and societies.

The responsibility of contributing towards the cause has been taken up by the Managing Director Mr. Junaid Khalil Nanitalwala, by establishing an elite schooling system “The Orchid School”. All the branches of school ensure academic excellence and development of 21st Century Skills of the learners.

KN Academy International Campus

KN Academy International Campus(Malir Cantt) is situated in the scenic vicinity of Karachi; spread over a vast area, around 26 acres. It was founded with an aim of providing a center of excellence of its own kind where students could groom themselves to become a civilized, intellectual and disciplined citizens. The matchless facilitates including boarding, sports and quality education, fulfills the objective of grooming our students with wholesome personality.

The purposeful activities and infrastructure has been set up, to create an impact in pupils life, thus making their story at KN Academy a lifetime experience with no home sickness.


Message from the MD

By the grace of God, we have been bestowed with abundant bounties of Allah; as we have laid the foundation of an education system under the flag of “Khalil Nanitalwala Education Valley”. Our primary objective is to create the conditions that make children and youth want to learn, and give them the opportunity to achieve. Simply put, students do better in school when school does better for them. We don’t promise a diploma with honors for every student, but we promise to help all students being engaged and achieve to reach the summit of success. We believe that whatever is around you; is made by the people who were not at all better than us, so anybody can change the world by learning, and once you learn something you’ll never be the same again! Just what is needed, is to ensure that you focus on something that you are passionate about. It’s all about what you choose; will you choose a life of ease? Or the life of service and adventures.

Our motto is; “Together We Can” that depicts our philosophy of working hand in hand; bringing a notable change by promoting the belief that Education is The Best Solution to become a strong nation.

We strongly believe in the quote by Jean Jacques; “Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education”.

Managing Director, Nanitalwala Group of Schools


A project of Khalil Nanitalwala Education Valley, KN Academy had set foot in the respected field of education; focusing on providing a well-rounded education with a comprehensive framework of curriculum implementation and way of monitoring pupil’s progress. The school offers the boarding house facility with its academic levels commencing from Class  1 to O’level. The knowledge and skill based curriculum is derived from UK National Curriculum.

“Together We Can”


To prepare independent learners to compete the challenges of the 21st century, ensuring academic excellence and emotional intelligence.


Our Mission Statement:

Teach and Obtain a Groomed and Educated individual who can Thrive, Heave and Excel to Reign.. ”